To-do list
Returning a classic to its former glory, or better, is a rewarding process, but sometimes it seems never-ending. However, that’s part of the pleasure of messing around with cars, old or new. Who would want a hobby that had an end point? These are the tasks I’m currently working on. They are not necessary, as the car is a reliable driver at present. However it’s a 38 year-old car and doing these minor upgrades is enjoyable and rewarding. Alternator belt slipping when cold; new belt installed. Squealing with new belt at startup. Pulley, or not tight enough? Door speakers scratchy; re-new wire connections FUTURE DEVELOPMENT (if I keep the car) Replace competition pads and shoes with softer compound Replace suspension bushings Install driving lights and toggle switch using existing relay Replace marker/turn signal/brake lights with LEDs. Clean/detail engine bay; replace choke cable (have part) Get leather seat covers from Moss; detail interior Asking $6,900 ($US5,000 appr.)

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